With the help of the Enterprise Europe Network to new jobs and a cleaner environment

Besco d.o.o. is a small family business that deals with the project engineering, implementation and servicing of electrical installations and electrical material, manufacturing and servicing of heating and cooling systems. The company wanted to expand its activities outside the Slovenian borders and in year 2013 the company contacted through the Maribor Development Agency - Enterprise Europe Network the Israeli company, which is engaged in the reconstruction of accumulators and batteries. Based on the co-operation a new promising company - BSI service, battery restoration d.o.o. was established, which deals with the reconstruction of lead acid traction batteries for electric forklifts and AGM batteries, and achieves in this area extremely high scores.

Slovenian company received weekly from the Maribor Development Agency (Enterprise Europe Network) business offers and requests of foreign companies. Among them they found an interesting offer of leading Israeli company active in the field of lead-acid batteries - Battery Solution International Ltd (BSI) from Karmiel, which was looking for partners to expand into the European market. With the help of employees of the Enterprise Europe Network, the companies contacted and then carried out joint visits in both countries and signed an agreement on the purchase of a license for the restoration of traction batteries and AGM batteries in Slovenia.

The company BSI service, restoration of accumulators, d.o.o. was officially opened in March 2014 and started to work. Before the opening the company received from the Israeli company all the electronic, mechanical and safety equipment and training of the employees and assistance in the installation, testing and implementation. In the first year of operation they have dealt mainly with the promotion of BSI technology, and rebuilt about 70 forklifts batteries. This is an extremely high result, which deviates from the positive results in Israel.

In the BSI service d.o.o. they say: »Restoration of accumulators and batteries in Europe is an innovation that provides a sufficient financial return for us and also great savings to customers. «

The company predicts on the basis of promotions and advertising activities that this is the beginning of a fruitful period in the field of the restoration of batteries and accumulators, and they are also planning to participate in the expansion of BSI technology in Europe.

In addition to the good results and new jobs, using BSI technology for the recovery of used batteries also greatly reduces the amount of discarded batteries, which has a positive impact on the environment. Reconstruction process is completely waste-free and environmentally friendly, all funds and materials from the reconstruction process are purified and can be reused.

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