Enterprise Europe Network Maribor


Maribor Development Agency is a non-profit professional institution serving the Podravje (Maribor) region as a regional development agency. Its efficient operating is powered by the network of internal and external experts for regional, sustainable, SME, tourism and human resources development, as well as business internationalisation. Since 1993 Maribor Development Agency is acting as an organizer and co-ordinator of the regional strategy for economic development with following priority fields of activities:

  1. elaborating and implementing the Regional Development Programme of Podravje region,
  2. promoting a regional approach to tackling the problems of Podravje region,
  3. attracting new industrial and commercial development into the region,
  4. promoting sustainable, tourism and rural development
  5. acting as a co-ordinator of territorial co-operation projects (cross-border co-operation with Austria and Croatia) as well as interregional and trans-national co-operation projects,
  6. working in close co-operation with municipalities and professional bodies concerned with the future of the region.

Maribor Development Agency is acting as a member of the Enterprise Europe Network. The network is providing assistance to companies in the fields of internationalisation, innovation, transfer of know-how and technologies, as well as co-operation in EU programmes. 


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