Sucess Stories

Toy story
Toy producer Dieters in Germany needed a long-term subcontractor in Eastern Europe to provide good quality wood-turned pieces for some of its educational products. In stepped the Enterprise Europe Network to give this story a happy ending!
Dieters contacted Industrie-und Handelskammer (IHK) Reeutlingen, their local branch of the Enterprise Europe Network and set up a Business Cooperation Database (BCD) profile to find a business partner. The company had a preference for Eastern Europe on the basis of the region’s manufacturing reputation, low labour costs and raw materials. Once Dieter’s profile was established, Katrin Glaser of IHK Reutlingen searched for potential matches in the database and suggested them to Dieters. She also made Expressions of Interest (EOIs) and forwarded incoming EOIs to the company.
At the same time, Casa Domo, a Slovenian wood-products company, was looking for export opportunities and asked the Maribor Development Agency (MDA) / Enterprise Europe Network for help. Jolanda Damis, MDA, began looking for appropriate BCD profiles for Casa Domo and came across Dieters. She informed Casa Domo, who expressed interest in contacting the German company. Damis sent the EOI to IHK Reutlingen and also forwarded Dieters’ coordinates to Casa Domo.
Soon after, the two companies touched base. At first, Casa Domo submitted an initial order that was reviewed and checked by Dieters. Once satisfied, both agreed to work together.
Wooden toys at the heart of the story: Enterprise Europe Network helping to Dieter and Casa Domo grow business
On the experience and benefits of service provided, Natali Stein of Dieters said:
“We are a small company that cannot spend a lot of money and human resources to find business partners abroad. Thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network, we easily found this partner in Slovenia that helps us to enhance our competitiveness.”
Casa Domo now is producing wood turned items on a regular basis for Dieters. Speaking of the success story, Primož Gršič of Casa Domo said:
“We are a small company that invests a lot of effort and money in our existence, competitiveness and the expansion of our activities as well as finding new potential business partners. With the help from the Enterprise Europe Network, we easily came in contact with the German company and expanded our business.”



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