The project is aimed at promoting the economic impact of film industry on the development of tourism in the regions. Strengthening cooperation between key representatives of both sectors and the improvement of existing policies is a prerequisite for improvement in the area of tourism.
The implemented activities are designed to transfer knowledge and experience between the various regions and the presentation of good practice examples. Partners from countries where cooperation between the film industry and the tourism sector is already well developed and shows good results, will contribute with the transfer of good practices to the development of both sectors in the countries where such links are not useful in the real rate. Representatives of local authorities and key operators jointly define solutions that would provide support tourism and film actors.
The project is aimed at institutions governed by public law whose mission is the development of local and regional policies aimed at promoting business development and improving the general economic situation. On the other hand, the project aims to promote cooperation between economic operators in both sectors, and the development of innovative services that benefit the cultural richness and diversity of the various regions.
The project will begin with an analysis of the situation and identification of good practice examples. In addition to various educational events, the partners have the option to exchange personnel on the basis of which they will gain hands-on experience and knowledge. Identified examples of good practice within the framework of pilot cases will be transferred in the regions where connectivity options of the film industry and tourism have not yet been fully exploited. Regional institutions will be regularly informed of the implementation of the project and the opportunities for cooperation and the creation of development strategies and action plans. 

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